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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That is how it came to be that on a Monday morning at the end of September I had two men show up at my door at 6 am! I'm glad they have logos on their vehicles. I didn't want the neighbors getting any funny ideas!

We didn't do a lot of "working out" that first day. We defined my goals. They showed me how to keep track of my workouts and we talked about what I'd need to be doing on the days they wouldn't be coming. (I'd already been running 6 days a week, so I knew that what they were asking wouldn't be a problem.) We talked about what I should be eating and when and how.

They did an assessment. Please, do allow me to describe this in further detail...

First, they took a whole slew of measurements. Lovely. Now I could see in black and white just how big I was. They recorded my weight and they measured my me with those calipers (the pinching thingys...).

I weighed 224 pounds.
My waist was more than 39 inches.
My body fat % was 40.5!

They had me attempt various physical feats that really drove home just how out of shape I was. 

I did 16 push-ups - from my knees.
I made it 40 seconds on a wall sit and 36 seconds in a plank.

And yes, they took pictures too!

It was FUN.

Seriously, though, I love having those numbers to look back at now, but all of the stark facts were unpleasant, and to top it off MEN were taking down all the numbers and details. Mark and Paul seemed to be eager and excited about working with me and that was encouraging, but they were still men, and it was scary for me.

Whatever it takes, right?! I was ready to work hard.

It wasn't long until my hard work began to be rewarded and I experienced a breakthrough that radically transformed my perspective on my struggles with food.

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