This blog recounts my fitness journey into the sport of triathlon and the gifts God has blessed me with while on it! May the movements of my life boldly proclaim that the sparks we encounter in scripture will kindle hope in our lives!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Bike

So, I knew I needed to get biking.

It was August. I knew I'd have a few months yet that I could get some biking in, but I had a bit of a problem. Unless I left my girls at home alone, I really wouldn't accomplish to much. My youngest daughter would never be able to keep up! I really could use a tag-a-long bike. I had no idea what to even look for with a tag-a-long! No clue how to hook one up.

Enter Donna. My friend Donna is one of the most helpful people I know. Not only that, but she and her husband do the bike thing, it's their thing. They know way more about bike stuff than anyone else I'd encountered up to that point! We were at the park one day and she said to me, "You know, you could probably find one on Craig's List."

"But, I'm not even sure what I'm looking for. And I've never done the Craig's List thing. It kind of scares me."

"Well, I could watch for you?!" she said. Donna just seems willing to do whatever she can to encourage me to be active. God bless Donna!

Within 48 hours, Donna called. "This is the one you want!" she said. The price was steep but we negotiated that. Well, Donna negotiated.

I drove to a strangers house and picked up a very nice tag-a-long. Now to get it attached to my bike.

Donna volunteered her husband for this part. The poor guy.

"Well, sorry," he said. "It just isn't going to work on your bike." I knew it. Now what.

Whatever it takes...

That meant a new bike. Ooooff! The thought of choosing a bike was more overwhelming to me than the tag-a-long thing.

I took a trip to the local bike shop. I asked a few questions. I'm a pretty decisive gal. Just give me the bare bones facts so I can make a decision that I can commit to. It came down like this.

"Well," I said to bike shop dude, "I'm going to do a triathlon next summer." 

"Great..." he said. I could just imagine what he was thinking as he looked at me. I forced the rest out.

"But, I need a bike that I can attach a tag-a-long to." I explained what brand the tag-a-long was and that I'd have to put a rack on the bike for the tag-a-long. "I'm sure that limits me some. You're supposed to be the expert. So, what are my best options?"

He showed me 2 options. Told me which one he thought was best for what I was asking. "Why don't you try it out?" he said. I sucked in my breath.

"Nope, that's fine, I'll take it!" He looked at me like I was crazy. Spending that kind of money to buy a bike and not trying it first?! Well, HE had no clue what was going on in my head. The thought of riding that bike in the parking lot where people could see me terrified me. I felt silly saying no, but couldn't make myself say yes. I felt so conspicuous about participating in any sort of activity in front of anyone! I was sure I'd look absolutely ridiculous and people would think so too! Well, God knew that and it was only the beginning of this journey.

I left the store with a brand new hybrid bike. Exactly the one God knew I needed and the girls and I enjoyed riding together until the end of the season.

However, God was about to blow the lid off my tightly contained attitude about men and I never saw it coming...


  1. I love hearing your story! Keep it up

  2. Jesaca,
    I just got caught up on your blog. SO love reading your style of writing. I tried to join as a 'follower', but had trouble. Will try again later. Keep writing!!!!! Rachel

  3. Please Rachel, I know you are so NOT a follower in anything you do! ;o) I'd be honored! See you soon!


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