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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Assessment #3!

About the same time I had my moment "in the lane" I was due for my next assessment.

Here's how I was doing:

Arm start......36cm
Arm 5/1/09..33cm

Abdomen start......106.5 cm
Abdomen 5/1/09...95 cm

Thigh start......50mm
Thigh 5/1/09...37mm

Jean size start..........Women's 18
Jean size 5/1/2009...Regular 12

Weight start..........248 pounds
Weight 5/1/2009....191 pounds

                            9/29/2008                           5/1/2009

I had lost 37 pounds in 7 months with the help of the HOMFIT guys. A total of 57 pounds in 16 months!

I really felt wonderful, but my new body demanded that I take on challenges in my head that I didn't realize I'd be facing when I started a journey focused on my body.

God gave me one of the most glorious gifts for my birthday just a few weeks later...

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