This blog recounts my fitness journey into the sport of triathlon and the gifts God has blessed me with while on it! May the movements of my life boldly proclaim that the sparks we encounter in scripture will kindle hope in our lives!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why A Blog?

For years people have been telling me to write. "You should write something..." they'll say. And for years I have written - for myself - to try to untangle the spaghetti that thinks it's my brain. But putting thoughts in print where others can see them is a scary thing!

However, a friend was sharing recently about how they are praying God might have them use their gifts in a more central way in their life. That got me thinking...

Have I done that? Am I really allowing God to use the gifts He's given me? My writing has helped me tremendously. Could it encourage and inspire others as well?

I talk a good talk about living my life like I'm jumping off a cliff, but I've barely dipped my toe over this one! Once you put something in print for all the world to see, well, it's out there. Someone can always point back to it. When you say something dumb, you can hope people forget about it! Not so when you write something dumb. It stands starkly in black and white staring back at you.

With God's help I've flung myself fearlessly over the cliff to accomplish other things He's called me to. He'll help me with this one too!

So here I go! I'm jumping! Come with me?


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